🚁 Tianqu Visuo XS809W cheap Folding Quadcopter FPV Camera Drone Review

My personal review of the Tianqu Visuo XS809W Cheap folding quadcopter.
The Tianqu Visuo cost’s about US $50 with free shipping, and you will have a lot of fun for very little money outlaid.
📌 Banggood Tianqu Visuo http://bit.ly/2Gp4Tkg
📌 Gearbest Visuo XS809W http://bit.ly/2uH98SO

Mine came with an inbuilt 0.3mp camera, and is FPV WiFi Capable to your smartphone, and it’s so inexpensive to buy, its well worth getting one for fun. plus it would make a good beginner quad.

This lightweight Quad, looks a lot like a Mini DJI Mavic Pro at first glance. But that’s where the similarities end.

This small drone fly’s almost straight out of the box. (You need to charge the 3.7v 900mah 1s lipo battery for the quad, and supply 3 x AA batteries for the transmitter)

I’ve had a lot of fun playing with my Cheap Visuo quadcopter using its onboard camera for fpv flights.

There are currently 6 models to choose from.
2 x XS809C
2 x XS809W
2 x XS809HW

TIANQU have made an amazing and cheap folding quadcopter.

The one I bought, is the XS809W WiFi version which comes with a 0.3MP Camera, so some of the features such as Altitude Hold, and the Transmitter Camera Functions, aren’t implemented.

The Tianqu Visuo XS809W wifi fpv camera drone, is also available in two different colours: Black or Grey.

I personally think the Inexpensive Tianqu Visuo XS809HW 720p camera version, would be a better choice and its only a few dollars more than the basic Tianqu Visuo XS809W.

DON”T Expect DJI Mavic folding quadcopter features on a toy grade quad, bur rather enjoy it for what it is… A TOY.


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