3 Easy Steps to Build a Website For Beginners

Thinking of building a website?

Most people think that building a website is difficult. Let me tell you, it is really easy if you know what you are doing.

The good news is, it is also inexpensive. I have managed to build my own website without any difficulty, yet, I am not a web designer or someone who has spent years in the IT industry.

What is my secret?

If you like me with limited knowledge and would like to take the challenge of setting up a website to blog or promote a product, then I suggest you use a program call WordPress. It is a free open source blog publishing application which you can build your site around a chosen theme or niche.

Many internet marketers out there build their entire business using this application.

Website using this application is simple, fast and easy. It eliminates the need to learn html code. Anybody can do it.

Before you race out to build a website, you need to target your audience and your passion. If your passion is about gardening, blog about gardening.

Tools and equipment:

  • Computer or laptop
  • Internet connection

Steps to building a website:

1. Domain

2. Hosting Account

3. WordPress application

First, you need an address for people to find your website. A domain name is like your street address. It is your website URL.

The second step is, you need a hosting company to host your website for the world to see. It is pointless to create a website where no one else is going to know.

The final step is to download this application. WordPress application can be obtained online by simply type 'wordpress' into your internet browser. Go ahead and do it now. There are also many free themes and templates for you to choose.

Confuse? Do not how and what to do? You can get my Free Report.

Once you have your own website, you can sell anything to make an extra income from your day job to pay monthly bills. If you become good, you could probably set up a home base internet business and make money online.

After your site is fully set up, you need to get people to visit. The best way is to advertise. Google, Yahoo, MSN, tell a friend, article writing, email, off-line etc are some of the method you can use to generate traffic.

If you are serious about generating extra income from your website, then possibly attending a course either online or off-line can get you started very quickly. Of course, you can do the hard way by figuring out everything on your own.

Just to inspire you further, there is nothing to lose but gain by creating your own website. The end result is excitement, feeling of accomplishment, web knowledge and who knows, if you do it correctly, you might even put extra cash into your pocket.

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