Before you shell out 1000$ for a quadcopter or drone, you might want to take these 8 pieces of advice

Just thought that after my drone crashes and numerous mishaps with my drone, I would convey some of the lessons I have learned since owning a drone for the past 2 years. Before you read this it is important that you understand why I bought a drone initially. I had purchased the drone because within the course of my videography endeavors. I had slowly gotten more and more people asking me about drone footage for either their weddings, construction projects or even for large events. I saw a business opportunity and decided to purchase a drone I myself made the big mistake of going and buying a great quality drone at the outset. After many thousands of dollars spent I feel the need to tell you what to watch out for and what to not watch out for.

Here are my tips 8 tips

1)Buy a cheap ass drone. Crashing your drone will not bother you that much. Practice and do not be afraid to crash. Play on flight simulators

2)There are basic control standards that all drones use and all drone companies follow (although there are variations stick to the default) Therefore, learning one drone type will make you able to learn another quickly. Do not underestimate the power of physical memory to remember which control to use when you are in a bind.

3)Consider whether you will be filming with your drone or not. If you feel that your priority is to not film it will affect your drone choice. Those who film pay more. A drone camera and its inherent quality weighs super heavily on the price of the drone you buy. This can lead to 2 things 1) You might just want to hold off getting a drone with a camera and buy one for the flight characteristics or 2) You might just get into a different type of drone flying altogether. I know for a fact that drone racing is big and might be better for someone who enjoys that. Bottom line is to put all your money in the right place at the right time.

4)Believe it or not, consider your mobile phone platform. DJI is a very iPhone slanted platform and, although it is very Android compatible, it tends to be a bit buggy on the Android side. When you have 2kgs floating in mid air over a crowded place you want to assure that your phone does not mis communicate with the drone and crash. You might also want to think of getting something with a fully integrated system like Yuneec offers.

5)When you do decide to fork out the money, obstacle avoidance is a luxury that you you need to get. Even though you might get good, the chances of you crashing your drone are still there due to the fact that you are indeed a human being and that there are oh so many factors to take into account when in flight.

6)Stay away from airports and try your best to follow FAA rules. Read them and be aware of each one. I try my best to stay away from airports and also take the time to set out a flight plan before going out and flying.

7)Take your time and forgive yourself while learning. Also, try to have steady contact with your drone meaning try your best to make your flights a regular thing. Even though some flights might only last 20 to 30 minutes, you are in contact and allowing yourself the ability to keep that physical memory in your head as to what control does what. Knowing the controller inside out comes in really handy when you have 4 seconds to decide whether to turn right or left.

8)Have fun

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