Article Marketing – 4 Simple Steps to Generating Articles For Beginners

When it comes to writing articles, it can be a daunting prospect for the beginner because you need to be able to create an interesting and informative product that someone will enjoy reading. So here are some simple ideas you can use to create your first set of articles online. The best way to move forward is just to start. Sit down and create your first article. The more articles you create, the easier the process will become. Here's to your first article.

1. You need to know what the topic of your article will be. Not only should the topic be of interest to your potential readers or subscribers, but it needs to be of interest to you, the writer, as you are the one that will have to put together all the salient points that are required to get your idea across. Your topic needs to have some relationship with your niche too. So sit down and decide what your first topic will be.

2. Create a title. The title of your article needs to be very enticing. Your potential reader needs to come across your article title and be enticed to want to read further. You can create your title using keyword or keyword phrases and then a sub-title which would create an interest online. The most popular title formats are "How to .." or "The top five …". Try using these formulas in your first set of articles. They are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention.

3. Make a draft note of all the items you intend to cover in your article. What is even better is if you could create a bulleted list of five or six items that you want to discuss in your article. If you do not wish to use a bulleted list, you are quite welcome to use a numbered list. Writing articles in this manner makes reading your article far easier for the potential reader.

4. Write your introduction and your closing paragraphs. With the introduction, you need only write three or four sentences that give the reader an idea of ​​what you intend to write in the body of your article, and for the closing paragraph or the conclusion, again, three or four sentences that summarize what you have just said in your body article. Once you have completed the article, it's an excellent idea to put it aside for a short period of time. When you return to the article, you will be able to read it with fresh eyes and are in a better position to edit and eliminate any errors that you may find.

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