Astral Projection For Beginners – 5 Things Beginners Must Learn

If you want to astral project, you must understand that astral projection is easy; anyone can do it! In other words, astral projection is not a special gift given to a chosen few. Even you can astral project, given that you have the patience, grit, determination, and the will to do so. There are plenty of resources on astral projection for beginners.

1. Learn

This is one of the basic astral projection tips for beginners. Learn as much as possible from books, eBook, articles, and so on. Once you know everything about astral projection, you can successfully discard all fears, misunderstandings, and misconceptions you might have about the subject. Such negativities will only hinder your progress.

2. Train Your Mind

Train your mind to be still. Request people to stay away from you for sometime. Go to a quiet place and become conscious of the noises inside your head. Examine your troubles, problems, hopes, and desires. Seek solutions to these problems and let them go. If does not matter if the solution seems absurd; just take it as an excuse to let go of your problem.

Training one's mind requires tremendous time and patience, and you must practice everyday in order to achieve it.

3. Relax

Complete relaxation is important because astral projection happens only when the body is fully sleep and the mind is fully awake. Adopt a relaxation technique that suits you and learn how to relax each and every muscle of your body.

4. Improve Your Concentration

You will never be able to astral project if you can not focus on what you are doing. There are plenty of concentration-enhancing exercises that you can do.

For instance, focus on a boring sound. Avoid listening to music because it is easier to focus on music. Listen to something boring such as the ticking of a clock and train your mind to focus on it. Alternately, you can gaze at the flame of a candle and gently push those stray thoughts away.

5. Get Sensitive To Energy

Become sensitive to energy. Energy is usually felt as a tingling sensation in your body. Breathe deeply and feel the energy coursing through you. Take a walk and feel the various energy forces around.

You need a lot of practice and patience to master the above five. But this ground work is necessary if you want to astral project. When you are finally ready to astral project, you can adopt any one of the zillion ways to leave the body. All these methods are explained in resources on astral projection for beginners.

Find a method that suits you; and you will soon have the experience you crave-an out-of-body experience (OOBE). Your first OOBE will last only for a few seconds. With practice, you will be able to stay out of your body for longer.

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