Aura Drone Review With Glove Motion Controls – Power Glove Style Controller

Welcome to the Aura Drone Review where we take a look at a a brand new kids drone that has Glove Motion Controls. It is produced by KD Toys. And what better way to review this drone than to surprise my brother by giving it to him.

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Over two years in the making, Aura was invented by an engineering professor in Philadelphia who took his proprietary robotics technology and adapted it in the form of a kid-friendly drone with the help of a world-class international toy manufacturer. What separates Aura (6+, MSRP: $99.99) from other mass market toy drones is that it’s the first one to utilize Gesturebotics™ powered by LocoRobo Innovations, where consumers can telekinetically pilot the drone by simple hand gestures—just like a super hero!


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