Bass Fishing Techniques to Get You Started

Bass fishing looks quite a big challenge however it should not be if you are approaching it in the correct way. Casting your line, hanging around for that bite, and then reeling it in are important but bass fishing is far more than that. Check out these bass fishing techniques to help you get that angling reward you've been so keen for.

Dark-colored bait is recommended for fishing in clear waters. The reason for this? You should be advised that clear waters, on occasion, can have like a mirror, which means the bass will struggle to see your bait due to this "mirror" effect. The use of dark-colored baits, however, will stand out against the background and be more obvious meaning the bass will spot it far more easily.

Be aware that the bass will be looking out for its own food. This means that if you were to spot a school of smaller fish there is a better than even chance of a good supply of bass in that area as these smaller fish make up a part of the bass' menu. Where should you look for these schools of small fish? The best place would be under large rocks or near to fallen trees as these provide good hiding places from the bass and other predators.

Your changed method of casting your line is another important area. The more smooth you can make this casting the better it will be. Equally if you can reduce the amount of sound from your casting you will increase the likelihood of catching bass. The bass tend towards quieter areas so louder casting is likely to discourage them. The practice of casting, even away from the water is going to improve your chances of a good catch.

If you intend to fish during the winter then be aware the bass are cold-blooded fish. The implication of this is that the colder weather will cause the bass to move more slowly than they would do in the warmer weather. Because of this ensure you fish your lure slowly as well so that the bass have the opportunity to bite your lure. Fishing quickly means they might not catch up with your lure.

Finally, the choice of your lure is an important technique so investigate the various lures and spend some time reading the forums so you are fully versed in other expert's choice of lures.

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