Beginner Acoustic Guitar – Your Ultimate Guide

This page will serve as a beginner acoustic guitar guide for guitar amateurs who would want to know the process of learning to play their guitars. As we all know, guitars are one of the greatest creations in the music industry. Aside from providing excellent music, guitars are also well-preferred by many musicians due to its versatility, portability and easy-to-use features. It is no longer surprising that a lot of people are beginning to get adamant on learning guitars.

For starters, you must know that playing guitar is not really as complicated as it looks so long as you have the correct beginner acoustic guitar guide to lead you through the correct process.

First Lesson
Basics. A beginner acoustic guitar player should always begin by learning the basics. I understand the excitement you feel once you receive your first guitar and you may have the tension to play your first song even without knowing the parts and the general stuff about your new instrument yet. This is a negative habit and must not be practiced with learning guitar for the first time.

Second Lesson
Positioning. Convenience, and easy access are the first things you must consider when you choose an acoustic guitar. It may be wise to check out some guitars and execute your playing stance with them before buying anything. Having a cool-looking guitar may be grand, but you can never show your skills entirely if it keeps falling off your lap or if your arms are not long enough to reach the strings.

Third Lesson
Notes. The important things to consider here are memorizing the note value of each string and familiarizing yourself with the fret board. Plucking each string is easy but plucking / strumming while pressing your fingers on the fretboard may take a whole lot of practice.

Fourth Lesson
Chords. Learn each chord one at a time. Do not rush yourself by learning the entire major chords today and learning all minor chords the next day. Although a detailed description of each chord may be useful, learning from visual tutorials and videos may give you the most advantage.

Fifth Lesson
Scales. Scales are the cornerstone of Western music. Learning them will miraculously enhance your hand-eye coordination and also strengthen / facilitate the speed of your fingers as you go through the chord transitions while playing. Learning the scales is a long process and may be reliably boring but it is a relevant lesson for any beginner acoustic guitar player.

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