Beginner RC Planes – Gas Or Electric For The Beginner

When starting out in the world of rc planes one of the decisions you need to make is what kind of plane to get. Beside what model of plane is going to be the best for a beginner we need to look at whether that model should be gas or electric powered.

For me there is no question that a beginner rc pilot should start out with an electric plane and here is why:

1. Price. Electric planes are far cheaper than gas planes. Just the motor for a gas plane can cost more than an electric plane. Then you still need the transmitter, servos, batteries, etc.

2. What's in the box. Most beginner electric planes come with everything you need to get started flying. Plane, transmitter and batteries. Almost all gas planes are in kit form. You have to build the plane and purchase all the parts separately. This is why they are so much more expensive.

3. You do not have to build it. Most electric planes are made from Styrofoam or plastic and come fully assembled or need almost no assembly. You can be ready to fly just about as soon as the battery is done charging. Gas planes are almost made up exclusively of wood and need full assembly.

4. Ease of use. An electric motor is far easier to use than a gas one. You turn on the power and that's it. Gas powered motors require you to add the fuel and tune the motor before you can fly. It's a lot more work.

5. Emotional involvement. Why do I say that you might ask? We get more emotionally involved with something we have made ourselves versus something we purchased already made. Believe it or not many beginner pilots who have started with a plane they assembled themselves are a link to fly it. As a beginner pilot you are going to crash your first plane and no one wants to destroy something they have spent so much time building.

Electric planes are the way to go for a beginner rc pilot. Price, ease of use, and what you get in the box make it much easier and cheaper for a beginner to get started in the world of rc planes. Good luck and happy flying.

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