Contixo F17 Plus RC Drone w/ 4K Camera: Perfect for Aerial Footage for Pool Builders & R.E. Agents

A Drone is a handy marketing tool that many people overlook for their business. If you build pools, are a contractor or a real estate agent a drone with a high powered video camera can offer great aerial footage to your potential clients. In this video I showcase the Contixo F17 Plus drone.

The Contixo F17 Plus drone is a very stable and easy to control and at the same time it is super powerful. On starting out I suggest adjusting the speed control down so that the drone is easy to control. This drone is really fast and maneuverable and does take getting used to. Also the blades will get chipped and nicked after multiple crashes while learning so the 4 spare blades come in handy. I also ordered another extra set as I am teaching my son how to fly the drone and crashes are inevitable.

I mentioned this drone would be great for aerial footage and as you can see from the video once you position it in a spot you can hold the throttle and get it to hover for some great video footage. There is no dedicated hover button but after a little practice you can get it to stay in one spot with little issue. The controls are very sensitive so you can also fine tune the trim in the throttle as well as the directional joystick.

Droning is a really fun hobby and sometimes the flights with the F17 are just thrilling. It goes so high so fast that you need to be careful, I can see how you can lose this drone if you are not careful. The four motors produce great power and lift and it has a maximum flying altitude of 500 ft (although the FAA restricts drone altitude to 400 ft).

The F17 Plus comes with one battery, it is a 2100 mAh battery and I got about 15 minutes of serious flight time out of it. The controller will beep when the battery gets low and will prevent you from taking off. I just purchased two 3000 mAh batteries to give it a much longer flight time. The battery does take some time to charge, about 3-4 hours depending if it is completely depleted. So extra batteries are a must.

The included 4K camera that comes with the F17 plus is exceptionally good. It comes with the camera mount and charger but no waterproof case or other mounts so it is strictly for use on the drone. It is a bit thinner than my other 4K sport type Gopro clone cameras and fits very nicely in the included mount. The only odd thing is that it mounts upside down and you can’t reverse the mount without blocking the record button. No a big deal really. I just drop them into my editing software and flip over the image. You could mount it right side up, but you will have to hit the record button first. The resolution from the camera is just awesome as you can see from the clips in the video.

If you have been thinking about getting a drone for business or just to fly for fun, the Contixo F17 Plus would be a solid choice. It comes loaded with features including a great carrying/ storage case, extra blades, a 4K camera and more.

Easy to fly (slight learning curve)
Controls are super responsive
Mountable 4K camera included (F17+ version)
Great carrying/storage case
Brushless motors for longer life
500 ft maximum

Battery last for about 15 minutes (you will need extra)

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