CSJ-X3 “Photon Spirit” Caged Micro Drone, Ideal Drone for Beginners!!

Review and Flight test of the CSJ-X3 Caged drone. This drone is perfect for kids and beginners. My 5yr old daughter has been flying it around and she loves it. It’s nearly indestructible and bounces off the walls and ceilings and always rolls over upright if it falls to the ground upside down! This may be the best drone to teach a kid how to fly since you can’t damage the drone or props!
(Currently on sale for $16.39)

-Super stable flyer
-cage protects props and quad from damage
-ideal for beginners or children
-has 3 rates, highest has crazy fast yaw like a spinning top
-very good flight time of 6:45
-battery is very common and cheap
-cage is removable if you wish to increase flight time even more
-LED’s can be disabled
-Controller is comfortable and nicely made
-Headless mode (ideal mode for beginners)
-One Key Return

-can’t reset headless mode/One Key Return direction w/controller
-360 flips aren’t the best (likely caused by protective cage)
-no altitude hold
-controller might be a bit large for a younger kid
-is a bit noisy

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