Cue Ball Positioning For Beginners

Do you know how to control the cue ball? If you can master the positioning of the white ball, you can pretty much master the game in a blink of an eye. The fundamental in winning in billiards is to plan your shots. Planning your shots is only possible if you can plan your cue ball position.


If you talk about positioning, you have to control the speed of the white ball. There are a few things that come into play. This includes the speed, distance and angle. Largely, we humans can not possible analyze every minute details that take place during a shot. But we have one powerful method, the subconscious.

Hitting it too hard

Beginners like have the urge to hit as hard as they can every single time. This is as bad habit. Chances are, you will always over hit more than you under hit.

Hitting spots on the cue ball

Did you know that hitting at the center and top of the cue ball produces different effects? For example, the latter will make the ball follow its path after hitting a ball. Many professional players have used this to their advantage by sitting at different spots to control the positioning of the white ball.

Abusing the spin

If you hit at the sides (left and right) of the ball, you are told to be doing English shots. These shots are very tricky to perform because their results are more unpredictable than hitting at the top or bottom spot of the cue ball.

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