De-Stress Yourself With Meditation For The Beginner

These are six suggestions for successful meditation practice for the beginner.

1) Prepare yourself physically. Prepare yourself physically by doing Yoga or stretches before you begin Meditation. When we go through our day we become tense in our muscles and joints therefore, Yoga or stretches will help enhance the ability to loose up and relax during meditation.

2) Use Music. When we are beginners to the Meditation practice it may be helpful to begin with music to assist in focus and concentration. Soothing instrumental music is your best bet for example, soft flute or violin music.

3) Meditate the same time everyday. It is wise to do Meditation the same time everyday. Just like any habit we want to create it is beneficial to keep a daily routine for example, first thing in the morning or the last thing in the evening.

4) Start small. Like with any exercise we just begin we start small for example, at first Meditate for 5 minutes for the first few days or first week and then move up to 10 minutes a day. The goal is 20-30 minutes a day, which can easily be obtained by increments.

5) Meditate in a special uninterrupted space in your home. When we Meditate in a special uninterrupted space in our home we create an extraordinary spiritual space for ourselves that will enhance the Meditation process and benefits.

6) Sit upright with your spain straight. It is not necessary that we sit in a Yogi position when we first begin to meditate. The best position is sitting upright with our spain straight in a comfortable chair or sofa. Sitting up will enhance the ability to stay wake and is very relaxing.

These are excellent first steps that we can take to begin our meditation practice.

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