DJI Tello – Best Drone For Beginners

This is my second video showing the DJI Ryze Tello Drone.
In this video i wanted to see how quickly and easily it would be for people young and old to pick up the drone who had NEVER flown one before or had much if any RC experience.

What happened next was a room full of fun and smiles.

The DJI / Ryze Tello is a blast. For 99 dollars it is very hard to beat for a first drone or even for those who already own higher end drones.

I’d highly suggest going to and picking one up for yourself.

If you are on the fence don’t be!
This thing is a blast and worth every penny.

I did not order direct through DJI this time.}
I received this one through just encase i had any issues i would not have to go through the nightmare of DJI support again. ( follow this link if you missed all that – ) Zac over at Drone works has really shown me some great support and i have been hearing nothing but amazing things about this company and their support policy!
If you are considering a Tello or other Drone product go check them out and let them know i sent you!

If you are interested in the Lego drone you can order one at –

I hope to also be getting the external charger, extra batteries, bluetooth remote, and flying this baby in FPV inside!

My current list of equipment –
– Mavic Pro DRONE –
– Slim Memory card holder –
– Landing Pad –
– Canon T7i –
– Flex tripod –
– GoPro Hero 4 –
– Saramonic G-mic –
– Flex Tripod for Gopro –
– Macbook pro –
– Iphone 7 Plus –
– iphone 7plus slim case –
– Flex tripod for iphone –
– 64 Micro SD card –
– 64GB SD card

Gear i plan to add to my list (one day)-

– GoPro hero 6 –
– Canon G7 X –
– imac –
– Phantom 4 PRO drone –
– Spark Drone –

Social Media Links –


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