DROCON Blue Bugs 3 Quadcopter with GoPro Session (3rd flight, unedited footage)

My first drone as a birthday gift from my wife. 3rd flight session after crashing into a neighbor’s house on the first attempt.

I recommend these 3 things if you are flying for the first time with this drone.
1) fly this drone in open space. I tried first inside home. It was a disaster.
2) definitely use propeller guards. I believed 2 decades of gaming experience would translate into a decent flying experience. nearly trashed this thing after 3 seconds of flying.
3) do not underestimate wind.

Amazon Link: there are 20% off coupons available if you look around.

The camera holder is designed for GoPros but not the session version. However, you can still get the holder to clamp down the session tightly enough. Not pretty but works.


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