Exciting Helicopter Games!

Helicopter games are full of action, thrill and excitement. In these games, you are given a helicopter which you need to control. It is quite easy to control these helicopters. Some games require the player to fly the helicopter without bumping into a single object, while others are easier to play, with the helicopter bumping into hurdles without undergoing much damage.

These games are suitable for all age groups as the rules of the games are simple. Most of the games allow you to fly your helicopter using the keyboard and some games to allow the mouse to be used. The user can collect objects while flying through the air and gain additional points.

Many variations of this game are available. Some variants allow you to shoot at enemies using weapons like bombs and guns. The games are set in various environments and you can sometimes find haunted places crawling with zombies which you need to destroy.

Other helicopter games allow you to fly army-helicopters and you must drop all the passengers safely with the help of their parachute. Navy helicopter games make you protect your ship and attack all enemy ships. You must shoot at other ships as well as fly your helicopter.

Some games give you the chance to fly super helicopters with special machinery and weapons and you can go on a rampage and kill all your enemies to protect yourself.

You can also play games that require you to simply fly your helicopter while your weapons are set on an automatic mode. These games let you collect points based on the number of enemies you destroy.

You can find lots of websites dedicated purely to helicopter games and these provide you with unique games that can keep you occupied for hours. These games do not require any special download or CDs and can simply be played with the flash player installed on your system.

You can find many games that have realistic graphics to give you an unforgettable experience of flying a chopper, or you can also opt for easier games that have colorful and robust graphics that are much easier to play with.

A player can advance in the game by collecting points and buying items with these points. This will help you augment your powers with additional accessories for your helicopter. You can also buy weapons in order to kill your enemies more effectively. As the level advances, you will be faced with more enemies and they will be stronger, but you can destroy them using your new weapons and eventually win the game!

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