Exploring the Bottom of Three Kids Mine by Drone Part I (4K)


What the heck is going on with this place? There is a massive pit outside of Las Vegas that goes down over 400 feet to the bottom which is completely unreachable by foot! But it is clear that there are abandoned boats, cars, barrels and even buses at the bottom of this mine. The mine was once used to produce maganese which could be used for explosives during both world wars. It also looks like there’s been some explosions going on at this place! Vegas explorers takes an upclose look at what’s at the bottom of this pit with 4k footage from an advanced drone. This detailed video will finally produce some answers to some known questions but no one will know the complete truth until they are at the bottom wearing a hazmat suit with a camera. The drone will do the next best job. In my opinion, it appears as though people might set their boats on fire then launch them over the cliff for an interesting show.

Don’t forget about the Wheel of Misfortune which is located at this site however much of the footage will be in the 2nd video but you can still see it in the intro. We also realized there were quite a few wheels but the one the wheel of misfortune was spray painted on appeared to be in the best condition. It’s hard to even say what these wheels were but they were certainly building that helped with the purification of the maganese ore. You get an idea how important the war effort was just by taking a gander at the sheer size of this place. After the allies won the second world war, the mine wasn’t needed quite as much anymore and the whole thing was abandoned. The 3 kids mine has been a nightmare for land development associations and you’ll see after watching the video why the land is basically useless! There have been attempts in coming up with a plan to clear up the area to make it suitable for housing. But there has been nothing they can do to make it suitable for upscale neighborhoods. It turns out abandoned pits in the ground with abandoned vehicles at the bottom is bad for real estate. The only real use of this land would be for droning and urban art installations! So here we are.

Special Thanks to:
Michael Hubsky, Drone Operator
Busy Mouse Youtube, Editing


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