FLORES – [GoPro & Drone] – Kelimutu, Komodo, Wae Rebo, Bena, Cancar

What a wonderful wonderful island Flores is! Located in East Nusa Tenngara INDONESIA – The cape of flowers is what the portuguese named this island.

The land of komodo dragons, wooden villages, manta rays & incredible scuba diving.

Flores is going to be the next big thing in Indonesia! The people here are amazingly friendly, children want to wave and shout at you all the time and there are amazing rice terraces everywhere such as the spiderweb rice fields of cancar, Linko.

On this motorbike adventure i started in Labuan Bajo and rented a motorbike to go to Kelimutu Multicoloured volcano lake. The journey there and back was equally as impressive as the lakes themselves.

I stopped at the towns of Ruteng, Bajawa and Ende. And slept at Moni which is on the base of kelimutu.

On the way back i visited Bena traditional village and also Wae Rebo which is incredibly difficult to drive to. The roads are so bad.

The music is a song called Mogi by Ivan Nestorman – I do not own the right to this music. If you own this music please contact me first. Don’t make a scene.

Equipment used – GoPro Hero 4 Black, Feiju Tech G4S stabiliser, DJI Phantom 4, Sony RX100iv


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