Foosball Techniques for Beginners

If you’re picking up Foosball for the first time, it can be a little intimidating playing with more experienced players. Unlike regular sports, tabletop games are not usually taught with much emphasis on technique. Usually people just start playing and develop their form. This is where new players can feel discouraged, especially if they don’t have constructive suggestions when they continue to lose. Here are some pointers on how to take shots and general ball handling in Foosball.

The biggest mistake new players make is that they can’t wait to give the rods a spin. Even walking past a Foosball table brings out this urge to give those plastic men a whirl. It may look like the most powerful, awesome shot in the world, but it will only reveal that you’re new to the game. It’s typically considered illegal to take a spin shot, it disrupts the playing field more than other maneuvers, and can even be damaging to the Foosball table. You should always practice good sportsman like behavior, not to mention respect for another person’s property. If you want to take accurate, powerful shots, start shooting with your wrist. Flick your wrist down while still holding on to the rod to shoot. Practice making quick, controlled shots so that the rod rotates with your wrist snaps. To aim your shot, offset your kick from the center of the ball to shoot left or right. Get a feel for where to hit the ball to get the desired aim.

We’ve all seen Foosball games where people are just racing the ball back and forth, slamming and spinning the rods in hopes of getting intercepting the ball and shooting in the same maneuver. To get around frantic defenders, you’ll want to control the pace of the game and take the shots that you’ve set up. Upon intercepting the ball, you can move the ball along the rod by passing to the next player. To prevent losing the ball, practice “dribbling” it back and forth with one player’s foot, swinging the foot around the ball and tapping it, repeating that on the other side of the ball to keep it in a small area. Once it’s stable, take your shot or make your pass. The advantage is that you can line up diagonal shots that are harder to intercept and anticipate. By playing on your terms, you can use your technique to its fullest potential instead of making shots lined up by your opponent.

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