Free Lesson For Marketing Beginners – Part 2

Welcome back! I hope that the tips given in lesson one has gotten you off to a good start in your marketing. Here are two more marketing methods to help you drive traffic to your site. Again, these methods are completely free to use!

1. Create a blog
Create a blog for yourself and your business. Your first post should be an About Me or About the business to introduce yourself to visitors. Again, be honest and avoid hype and spam. People will be turned off by this! Continue to update your blog a couple times a week. Some ideas for blog posts: your successes, your challenges and how you access them, marketing tips, and how your product solves a problem. Be creative. Then, submit your blog to a site such as so that search engines will be able to find your blog.

2. Social Networking Sites such as Facebook
This is about building relationships with people who are in your target market. Building trust is very important in making a sale. Create a detailed profile that includes information about your product. Join groups and make valuable posts and make friends. As you gain trust, people will begin to ask about your product. Also the more friends you have the more people you can market to when you have promotions or new products. Just do not take advantage of this!

I hope these tips will continue to help you. Continue to have a successful journey. I'll be back with more tips soon!

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