FY Mini 2D Gimbal and Rayne 4k Camera onboard Flexify Drone

Flexify Camera Drone with FY Mini 2D gimbal and Rayne V2 Ultra 4K HD Action Sports camera. This was a very windy day today at Al Lisaili RC Airfield Dubai making it a perfect environment to test the performance of FY Mini 2D gimbal onboard a Quadcopter with a HD Action Sports Camera in it. We actually killed 3 birds with one arrow. We tested how well Flexify Drone performs in windy conditions, we also witnessed awesome stabilization of Camera by FY Mini 2D Gimbal onboard a wobbly quadcopter fighting the big winds and at the same time we saw how good a Rayne V2 Ultra 4K camera can shoot at 4K resolution.

I am glad to see that FY Mini 2D performed flawlessly despite of all those big winds onboard a turbulent Quadcopter that was fighting big winds all the time, and Rayne V2 4k Camera shot a clear crisp video of the desert and surroundings.

Enjoy the video and I will be posting more videos of FY 2D Mini Gimbal and Rayne V2 Ultra 4k Camera.

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