Golf Tips For Beginners

So you want to play golf? That's not surprising. A lot of people do. In the United States alone, there were over 4 million golfers in 2005 according to the National Golf Foundation (NGF). In addition to the USA, the countries with the most golf courses include Canada, Scotland, Sweden and England.

Why is golf a popular sport? The reasons are many and different for various people. Some play golf to unwind from the stress of office work. It is a good form of exercise since it involves lots of walking. The hazards of golf are quite low compared to other sports and anyone – young and old – can enjoy this game. Golf is also a good way to make new friends and find new business. The NGF said over 10 percent of golfers join the game just to meet new business contacts.

The game of golf is a great blend of physical and mental skill. You really have to concentrate mentally as you approach solving a multi-dimensional physical problem. At the same time, you have to coordinate your physical skills, eye-hand motion and stamina with the mental side.

Just like any other game, however, you have to be prepared when playing golf. This will give you en edge over your opponents. Below are some golf tips to improve your game and let you enjoy the sport. These tips are good for both beginners who know little about the game and professionals who need a refresher course.

The most overlooked golf swing fundamental is the setup. To improve you score, you must learn the proper golf setup position. It's really all about balance. With the proper posture and foot position, you can maintain your balance throughout the swing. This enables you to hit the ball and swing your way to a good game.

Proper setup will allow you to swing with more power and accuracy. Your stance in relationship to the ball's position is critical to accuracy prior to taking the swing. This will absolutely affect the ball's trajectory when the swing occurs and allow for proper follow-through.

Position your feet, knees, hips, forearms, shoulders and eyes parallel to the target line. From behind, a right-handed golfer will be slightly left of the target. The feet should be aligned with the shoulders for the middle irons – the 5, 6 and 7 irons in modern golf sets. For long irons, the stance is two inches wider. The opposite goes for short irons which are two inches narrower.

"Your weight should be balanced on the balls of the feet, not on the heels or toes. With short irons, your weight should be 60 percent on the target side foot (left foot for right-handers). should be 50/50 or equal on each foot. For your longest clubs, place 60 percent of your weight on the backside foot (right foot for right-handers) this will help you swing the club on the correct angle on the back swing , "Michael Lamanna of suggests.

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