Gopro Hero 6 on a racing drone – TBS crossfire micro testing!

After seeing a few mountain surfing videos by Team blacksheep I decided that a crossfire micro system and Gopro hero 6 was needed.
Pretty scary flying $700+ camera on a acro mini-kwad let alone taking it out some distance.
Once I grow some balls i’m going to push this thing to its limits and hopefully capture some awesome moments while doing so. Stay tuned.
Thanks to Armattan Quads for keeping me in the air!

Instagram @ovaflo_fpv


Gear list –
Armattan Chameleon 5″.
Armattan Oomph titans 2450kv.
Runcam swift 2.
Armattan 30A esc’s (D-shot 600).
Betaflight F3 flight controller (BF3.2)
TBS crossfire micro receiver. (L configuration antenna)
TBS unify VTX (500mw)
TBS Triumph video antenna.
Dal Cyclone 5050 Bi blade props.
Mayhem unleashed 1300mah 4S lipo battery.

Transmitter and Fpv goggles.

Taranis X9D plus.
Skyzone S1 first person view goggles.
Team blaxksheep patch antenna.
Rhcp TBS Triumph antenna.

HD camera and settings:

Gopro hero 6 – 2.7k 30fps / protune colour with image stabilizer on.

Gopro session 5
2.7k 30fps / protune colour with image stabilizer off.


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