GoPro Karma Drone Battery Life Review – Real World Test

The amount of battery life that a drone can provide is essential to ensuring you have enough flight time to get the perfect shot. In this video we try to be fair and put the GoPro Karma batter through a real world test. The results were very interesting!

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So I just posted our unboxing of the Karma Drone this morning and I’ve had a couple folks ask about battery life, and that is something I need to know.

We are hitting the trail tomorrow and I need to know how much flight time I’m going to have.

I don’t have an extra battery, in fact you can’t order them yet. I understand there are some delays in productions and even when they do come out, they are $99. I know I will need an extra one, but want to see how much juice I can get out of just one.

So I have fully charged the drone battery, I’ve fully charge the gopro battery and the controller

I’m going to hit the stopwatch time on my phone the minute I turn the drone on and then I’m going to fly it around until she’s out of power.

Now it is about 73 degrees and there is almost no wind, so I think this is a pretty good setting to test it out.

Let see how it goes.

Okay, so that’s not the 20 minutes claimed and I was doing a mix of flying. I took it to max altitude and hovered it, I did a couple slow and fast fly buys and just some slow video shots. So tried to give it a good real world mix

I hope you found this video informative, if you did please give it a thumbs up and be sure to follow us along on facebook. We’ll be posting all kinds of drone pictures and video over there in the coming weeks.

Thanks for watching and until next time, we’ll see you on the trail.

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