GoPro Karma Drone Distance Range Test at Stanford Dish, Lost & Found – 4K

DJI just came out with the Phantom 4 Pro, way better camera and drone. 4 mile range..

11/1 UPDATE: GoPro has responded stating it is most likely from losing remote + GPS connection. Although this is rare, it happens. I have had GPS issues with DJI, and they make an awesome GPS system. DJI will also auto-land if both connections are lost. I have been flying Karma since with no GPS issues, so lets kep an eye on things.
* If the remote signal is lost and there is still GPS connection, the Karma will return-home.

UPDATE: I have been working with GoPro support, they were quick to respond. The User’s Manual below states there are three landing modes:
– Low Battery Landong – Returns to Home,
– Lost Connection Landing – Returns to Home,
– Critical Landing, software-unknown – *Lands in Place.
We are looking into why this happened, but should have returned home.

I have done multiple successful flights since. I plan to do some ‘return to home’ tests this weekend.
Karma User’s Manual:

This is video of the range test I did with my new GoPro Karma drone. Overall the range was better than I expected. Last year I flew the same path with a Phantom 3, and as advertised, the GoPro had slightly less range.
The Karma flew out about 5000 feet before losing signal, and this is with hills, giant satellite dishes, power lines, and Stanford. The Phantom flew out about 6000 feet. Ultimately this is not a very accurate test, there are many variables that could have changed from last year (interference, exact flight path, altitude, etc).
The unfortunate part was that I lost my Karma drone, thought it was gone forever… It ‘auto-landed’ when it lost range, and did not give me an option to disable or return home. It should NEVER auto-land unless too low on power. GoPro, please update this in software! (You can hear me text-talking details to my friend on the phone).
The good news is I found my Karma drone using it’s own technology, the remote. I drove around until I got a signal, and walked towards it. After found, I did a short flight to make sure it was OK, and it was!
I would like to note the video quality on the GoPro 5 is extraordinary, much better than the Phantom 3, so definitely better than the Mavic, although the Mavic does have a further range. Notice the color of the sky. Also, most of the Karma video is shot directly into the sun, this is where DJI totally fails.. They can’t handle direct sun or complex patterns very well.
Overall I think the Karma has a lot of potential, and I will use it as much as possible for the excellent video. They just need to work out some software bugs.
The link to the Phantom 3 Comparison video is below;


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