GPToys Aviax F2 Quadcopter – Supplied Camera Test

Video from the stock camera that comes with the GPToys Aviax F2 Quadcopter. Get this from: The video from this low priced UAV is OK but as you can see it is a little choppy, this can probably be fixed/stabalised but I wanted to upload the original unedited footage so people can get a good idea of what the camera is like.

This quadcopter itself is a great low priced Drone which is very similar to the Syma X5C and body wise a copy of the DJI Phantom. The supplied radio control is good and has a nice display which shows trim and battery level and also what mode the camera is in (video or picture) which is handy. 360 flips are easy and it’s quite graceful and responsive.

The music you can hear over the sound of the motors/propellers is The Big Beat 80’s by Kevin MacLeod.


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