Guitar Instruction Online – Read This Before Signing Up

People coming to learn guitar for the first time, often look for guitar instruction online. In this article, I'll attempt to explain what you should look for in an online guitar program that will ensure your experience is a positive, productive and enjoyable one.

1. Course Reputation

When looking for guitar instruction online, consider the reputation of the course. Has the course been around for a while? Has anyone actually used and successfully completed the entire sequence? Do they offer any type of money back guarantee with the program? This last point shows that a course is worth seriously taking a look at, since the course producers are willing to truly back up their product.

2. Instructor Credentials

So who exactly is teaching this course? What qualifies this person to teach (and charge) for this instruction? Is the instructor proficient in the genre of music you are interested in playing? Do they actually have any real-world professional experience? Remember the old saying "those that can do, those that can not teach".

3. Support

If you run into trouble, who's going to help you out? Is there any direct contact with the course instructors, or at the very least is there an active support forum, where you can pose questions and receive a timely response?

4. Innovative Approach

What set of this guitar instruction online course apart from the rest of the rehash of old guitar books that have been around for decades? Does this course use any new and innovative ideas for learning to play and read music?

So there you have it. Four things to keep in mind as you search for an effective guitar instruction online course. You may have noticed I did not list price as a point to consider. The reason being, you and I both know what we can and can not afford. If the world's greatest guitar course cost $ 5000, guest what? I will not be buying it!

Best of luck, on your journey with this fantastic instrument.

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