How To Avoid Future Struggle And Buy The Best Beginner Guitar For Cheap

Did you know that the guitar you learn on can dramatically affect your chances of sticking with it? In fact, by buying a guitar that looks great, is very affordable, yet is difficult to learn on, or worse yet, sounds horrible … you can almost count on the chances of success to be close to 0%.

You see, when I got started on guitar, I went and got the "coolest" looking guitar I could find at a price I could afford (around $ 200). And I found it. A brand name acoustic guitar with a blue sunburst finish and white trim. It seemed like a bargain. The problem was, when I actually got home and tried playing it …

It was insanely difficult to play.

Without exaggeration, it felt like I had to summon up all my finger strength at all times just to get a clean sounding chord out of that guitar. And sometimes even that was not enough. Add to that the string buzzing, the lack of sustain, the lackluster tone … and I quickly realized that I had just spent $ 200 on a beautiful, but unplayable instrument.

Not wanting to waste the money, I decided to continue learning on the piece of junk guitar I had just bought. Big mistake. Half of what it takes to play the guitar is entirely physical. And you see, learning how to play on a hard-to-play guitar is like trying to bench press 200 pounds your first time in the gym. The results will not be pretty. All it takes is a few minutes of practice and your fingers will be completely shot. They'll start to feel stiff and weak, clear signs of overwork.

Overworked hands will not be able to play accurately, no matter how much you focus. That's a huge problem when the single most important habit for effective practice is accuracy. Would not you agree?

Fortunately, you do not have to repeat my mistake and settle for learning on an inferior guitar. Now that you understand the consequences of doing so, you can start aiming for affordable, attractive, and high-playability guitars, rather than just nice looks or price alone. There are some very high quality beginner guitars out there that are perfect for learning on, and they are almost dirt cheap considering what you get in return. You can get a very decent guitar for around $ 200 for an acoustic, or maybe around $ 250-300 for an electric guitar, including an amp.

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