How to buy, fly, and maintain a drone for kids – A drone guide for parents

I recently bought a quadcopter for my child. He’d been asking me for a while now. He is too young to fly a quadopter drone, but I bought it since I had promised him that I will do so when his exams are over.
So, when the exams came to an end we bought him a drone. Only problem was that the toy came with a different toy’s user manual and I didn’t know how to operate it.
The toy’s design was also very low quality because it’s a cheap Chinese brand. Luckily, there is some protection around the propellers and a spare set of propellers is also supplied along.
The toy broke after first 5 minutes of play. I fixed it later, but by then my kids had already gone to live with their grandparents.
In this video, I share my experience completely and tell you what are the pros and cons of buying a drone for your kid. There are many English language guides out there, this one’s in Urdu. It will be understandable by Hindi speakers as well.
I also show you how to charge the battery, how to pair drone with its remote. How to enable headless mode. How to fly the craft(toy drone quadcopter).


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