How to Get More Subscribers on Your YouTube Musicians Channel for Beginners (Part 1)

Here are a few tips that you can use to get more subscribers on your YouTube musicians channel.

Start interacting with other Youtubers. Comment on their videos. Start doing searches for some of your favorite musicians, artists, bands, tv shows, movies, etc. Subscribe to rate their videos. Tell them if you like their video or not. Make them a friend. Always leave a comment on their channel comments on their main page as well as on their actual video. I can not stress that enough. That gives you a lot of visibility. The important thing to remember is these are people and your trying to build a relationship with them. Treat them as such. You show them respect and they will return it. You have to invest some time browsing YouTube collecting some videos for your favorites making friends and subscribing to others videos. Just getting to know your way around YouTube.

When you are starting out as a musician on YouTube you should definitely do some cover songs. That is a sure fire way to get people to your channel. Try to do the cover in your own way. I have seen some awful versions of some popular songs being played that still manage to get a lot of views. It is all in the attitude.Just be yourself in the video.Don't forget to use as many descriptive keywords in the tags area after you upload your video. See what other popular Youtubers are using as tags. The more you can use the better. Check and see who are getting the most views doing a particular cover you might be interested in. How can you do your own twist on that cover?

The Channel Box on your main page where you can list other YouTube channels to check out is very important. When you want to be advertised on another YouTube channel. You should start small. Pick a channel that has around how many subscribers you have. If you only have 50 subscribers. Do not bother asking a popular YouTuber that has half a million subscribers to be in their channel box! Make sense? Just send them a message asking if they could put you in their channel box. Do not ask them on their channel comments. Make sure its a personal message. It will start off they will put you in their if they can be in your channel box. Sometimes other channels will even do a feature on your music and put you on their front page in exchange for being in your own channel box.

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