How To Get Strong Fast

How to get strong involves lifting more and more weight. While you will build muscle more slowly, you will get stronger using this proven strategy that professional power lifters use.

Getting stronger, however, by definition, will increase the size of your muscles. Your muscle mass size will not grow as fast as through this method. This method specifically aims at building more strength as fast as possible without hitting a plateau.

There are just three exercises you have to do to get stronger. Only do these exercises to maximize your strength gains, doing any more will waste your energy.

After your workouts are over, it's possible that you will want to train more because you'll feel that you have not trained hard enough. You might even feel fresh, this left over energy will build up session after session to help you gain strength faster. If you want to do cardio, only do it once a month or skip it all together. Do not do long and steady cardio, try High Intensity Interval Training instead. It takes less time and stimulates greater HGH production for enhanced muscle and strength increase.

The Deadlifts, Squats, and Benchpress are the only three exercises you should do.

Do deadlifts no more than one time a week. Two times a week, alternate between heavy and light squats and benchpresses. You are building actual strength on the heavy day, and getting better on the light day. Make sure that your lighter weights are used for the second go-round of squats and benchpressing.

With the lighter days, you do 5 sets of 4, 5 of 5 on heavy days. As soon as you can comfortably do the complete 5×5, go for five more pounds of weight.

Make sure you are not training to failure at all. Do not do a rep unless you actually know you can follow through with the exercise.

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