How to Photograph Realistic Looking Miniatures

With digital photography readily available, anything is possible. Our limits are our own imagination. In miniature modeling today, photographing your miniatures have become an essential part of the hobby. During my quest to learn how to photograph my miniature models, I stumbled onto photos of someone who photographed realistic looking miniatures on the web. I was so inspired that I started experimenting photography my 1/35 scale miniature diorama of US soldiers in Iraq using my digital camera.

Simple Setup

It was several days after I posted my photos online that people began commenting how realistic my miniature models were. From that experience, I decided to write this article on how to photograph realistic looking miniatures using a very simple setup and equipment. You will be surprised that it is simpler than you think.

Things You Will Need

  • a digital camera with macro function.
  • a miniature model or diorama.
  • a bright afternoon sun.
  • a small folding table or stool.
  • an open area with a natural surrounding free of tall buildings.
  • Remember to bring along your cap or sunglasses as well.

How to Do It

Step 1) The time to do it must be between 11am to 1pm when the sun is overhead.

Step 2) Setup your small folding table in the open area under direct sunlight.

Step 3) Place your miniature onto the table or stool.

Step 4) Set your digital camera to macro and sunlight setting.

Step 5) Look through your LCD screen or viewfinder to compose your shot.

Step 6) Use the bright blue sky and natural surrounding as your backdrop.

Step 7) Snap your photos when there are no clouds covering the sun to have a consistent lighting for all your photos.

Step 8) A prayer for a bright and clear day may help.

Special Tip: Check the weather forecast before you go!

Have fun trying this out!

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