I Lost My Drone In Retention Pond!😡children Adventures With Sweetie Fella Aleks😐😱

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Sweetie Fella Aleks loves Toys. Toys Review and touring for youngsters by using a kid! ✈️🚘Kids Adventures with Sweetie Fella Aleks – our aim is to entertain and engage with our viewers and social media fans. Aleks is a happy fella. He loves toys, adventures and TOYS REVIEWS🤹🏻‍ He loves Cars, Trains, Thomas and Friends, Lego, Paw Patrol, Pete the Cat, Superheroes, Disney Toys, Surprise Toys, Play Doh, Monster Trucks, Books, Family Fun Adventures and lots extra! He loves Traveling! Perfect place for non-prevent kids entertainment. Sweetie Fella Aleks loves Cats and has 2 unique cats at home: Eddie and Ralphie the Orange Cat – a puppet. We additionally love sharing our existence in VLOGS and connecting with you!

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