Kingkong ET 115 Racing Drone FPV Best Drone for Beginners Review 4K

Kingkong ET Series ET115 is one of the Best Micro Racing Drones for Beginners because it’s Ultra crashproof & Ultra stable in Acro/Manual mode. Best thing is that in the box we can find Super Powerful Beast Amzaing Delicious GNB 550mah 2s 80/160C ( hahaha xD ), and spare props + great manuals, I also noticed that every single drone is really checked by a quality tester because he has left his signature on manuals ( I am super impressed ! ). Ofcourse here we got 2 cons, used FC is PIKO BXL so we have no support for newest BF 3.2 🙁 , and camera can’t be tilted up ( but I like to watch spinning props & motors in FOV ! xD )

Kingkong ET Series ET115

Some details:

Motors 1104 7500KV , Delicious Powerful & Super high Quality ( no vibrations ) , I could say that 6000KV here will be better choice here because bigger props need more torqe, where 7.5K have big problems to spin bigger props and that’s why GNB lipo beeps all the time xD.

ESC for some reason isn’t working with dshot600 because only one motor isn’t spinnig but on multishot works fine. I even update BLheli to newest but doesn’t help.

FC isn’t amazing because we don’t have OSD and no BF is suppoter but at least it works without problems, built in buzzer is super loud so we will know when battery will be out of juice.

FPV Camera 800TVL works Great , image is sharp and some smaller details are visible .FPV VTX is also great , as you have seen image is really stable even at bigger distances.

Frame as always … Delicious :), everything is like should be , super crashproof , maybe it could be a little bit lighter but at least we got bigger props on board :). Also we can mod camera tilt by using hot glue at cutting small cam holder, so no big deal.

Overally I am really impressed & I would recommend this machine for any newbie due to super high quality and included amzaing GNb Lipo.
For PROS I would recommend Newest Super ADVANCED BEAST Diatone 2018 GT-R90 and ofcourse MAD 3s 550mah 160C GNB 😉

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