Kythira: top things to do – must see attractions (drone camera)

Kythira/Kythera: top things to do – must see attractions and all are taken by drone camera. The beaches are not included in this list and if someone is interested to see beast beaches in Kythira check this video (Top 8 beach of Kythera)

1) The gorge of Kakia Langada starts at the village of Trifillianika and passes by the ruined Byzantine town of Paleochora. Paleochora, with its 13th century buildings, was the island’s Byzantine capital and is located in the northernmost part of a steep cliff set in the middle of the canyon. The gorge ends on the beach of Kakia Langada, where the famous pirate Hayreddin Barbarossa started his invasion, adjacent to Lorenzo beach in Agia Pelagia.
For adventurous nature lovers, it is possible organize a unique canyoning tour through Kakia Lagada – the Evil Gorge. In springtime and after the first rainfall in autumn, small lakes form and, during the summer, the gorge is without water, but still challenging. The canyoning tour makes your holiday on Kythira complete.
2) The stone bridge in Katouni is one of the most impressive monuments of Kythera. It was built during the period of British rule and is the largest stone bridge in Greece. Its length reaches 110m, it is 15m long and 6m wide. It is characteristically based on 13 arches and 12 wickets in absolute symmetry! Designed and supervised by Macfale himself, the bridge was completed in 1826 as part of the road connecting the capital with Avlemonas, the biggest British engineering project in Kythera. Due to its exceptional architecture the bridge can hold more weight than originally planned. Legend has it that Macfale, the island’s British governor, fell in love with a girl from Katouni village and decided to build the bridge near her house in order to see her daily, while supervising the project.
3) Located west in Kythira, in the village of Mylopotamos Kato Chora. Is Venetian castle built in 1565 because of its strategic position from to protect the villagers from the pirates. Inside numbered many homes and churches and was inhabited until the 50’s. A few of them survive today, some in good condition, which creates to many visitors a sense of transportation in the past. Inside the castle there are 9 churches, excellent architecture belonging to the 16th to 17th century, and is Panagia Mesosporitissa, the Prophet Elijah, St. Athanasius, St. Ioannis the Theologian, Saint Anargyroi, St. Nicholas, St. John the Baptist, and St. Demetrius. The sunset from the west side of the castle is considered as the most beautiful of Kythira overlooking
4) Anyone who visits the beach Diakofti will be confused and wonder if they are in some exotic island! The water is shallow and turquoise and the color of the sand is white. Located on the northeast side of the island, in one of the most beautiful sites of Kythera next to the harbor, it is an ideal beach for young children because of its depth. In the taverns by the seaside you can taste fresh fish, seafood and traditional Greek cuisine. A few meters away from the harbor you can also see the shipwreck that took place a few years ago and has become one of the island’s modern exhibits.
5) The village of Agia Pelagia started its development in the 1980s, and for several years was the island’s main harbor. Today, it is a village specifically geared towards tourism, with many good hotels, restaurants and shops. Along the seaside and close to many beaches, Agia Pelagia is one of the best choices for visitors. Recommended visits include the beaches of Lorentzo, Lagada, Firi Ammos (of Agia Pelagia), the Cave of Saint Sophia (one of three caves with the same name on the island) with an area of more than 120 m² full of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the Cave of Venus in the small ravine of Galani.
6) Perhaps the most beautiful village of Kythera. Set on the eastern part of the island, Avlemonas is a coastal village with picturesque bays. There you’ll find many rooms to let, restaurants and cafes while the small “swimming pool” is fascinating for young and older kids! Swimming and diving, walking up to the Venetian fortress-observatory, witnessing the romantic atmosphere; it is no coincidence that those who visited the island of Kythera talk to friends first and foremost about the beauty of Avlemonas. Don’t forget to see the building with the sundial in the creek behind the village. Near Avlemonas lies the beach of Paleopolis, one of the biggest and most beautiful on the island.

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