LEARN TO FLY A DRONE IN 2 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beginner drone pilots will have an easy time learning to fly by watching this video. I will teach you to fly your drone over a Youtube series and give you vital information to become successful in this hobby. More videos to come!

Skip to 1:40 to get to the 2 minute learning part 🙂

I have been flying drones (and FPV) for over half a decade now and have done some really cool things along the way. I started an organization where I teach kids with health problems to fly drones using First Person View goggles. Even kids that can’t run around outside can get the chance to dash through trees, fly over fields and play at a park again. I called it QuadsForKids ( referring to the custom Quadcopters I built for them).

Some laws have come out recently and made it nearly impossible for me to continue doing this. But I am still working to make QuadsForKids possible in the near future.


Link to my remote – http://www.progressiverc.com/frsky-taranis-x9d-plus-2-4ghz-radio-with-storage-case.html

Link to my goggles –http://www.progressiverc.com/fat-shark-dominator-v3-modular-fpv-headset.html

Link to the FPV camera – http://www.progressiverc.com/fx805t-micro-fpv-camera-with-integrated-mount-5-8ghz-vtx.html

Link to the batteries I used – http://www.progressiverc.com/tattu-1s-220mah-45c-for-tiny-whoop-pack-of-5.html

Flight Controller – http://www.progressiverc.com/beecore-f3-evo.html


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