LiDiRC L15FW Brushed Waterproof RC Quadcopter with WiFi FPV Camera

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The “waterproof fairy” is born! Its falling into the water due to misoperation is never going to petrify you anymore. Just turn off the throttle at once and pick up your copter within 5 hours. Be carefree and enjoy the FPV!

Main Features:
– The headless mode allows you to ignore the front of drone because it takes your front as its own.
– With one-key-return function and the built-in identification system, it is facile for you to recall your drone.
– 3D aerobatic flight can be easily realized, because the UAV can not only roll forward, backward, towards left and right but also do 360-degree rotations.
– The 720P HD FPV transmits in the real time through WiFi. Record every precious moment with your fingertip tapping on your phone.
– Amazingly waterproof, it can stand being soaked in the water for 5 hours. However, waterproofness is just a special function. No dropping it into the water on purpose. Staying in water for a long time will affect the metallic parts of the copter and reduce its life span.
– The impressive LED lighting effect at night. Four beautiful LED lights at the bottom shine with dreamy colors.
– Adjustable flying speed. Push the speed button, and you can accelerate or slow down according to different surroundings.
– Steady flight. The 6-axis gyro system guarantees the steady flight and roll, launch by hand and hovering. It is prominent in wind resistance and equilibrium.
– 2.4GHz spread spectrum communication. The high-frequency signals feature fast response and anti-interference. The control distance reaches up to 100m.

Battery: 3.7V 550mAh battery
Camera Pixels: 0.3MP
Video Resolution: 720P

Download app LiDiRC app – Android and IOs
Open your WiFi and connect to the “WIFI FPV/LIDI***” network
Open the up. Read the manual for icon/button description.

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