Lucid Dreaming – 3 Effective Lucid Dreaming Tips For Beginners

Lucid dreaming is an exciting activity in which you are actually aware that you are dreaming and are in bed fast sleep. You can have lucid dreams at will. And once you have successfully started having lucid dreams at will, you can start controlling your dreams. This means that you can actually choose what to dream about. If you succeed in achieving control over your dreams, you will start having the most exciting nights of your life. You can fly, visit exotic places, win the elections, have an exciting date, and do anything you wish in your lucid dreams.

So, how do you begin? Here are 6 highly effective lucid dreaming tips for beginners such as you.

1. Prepare Yourself

Examine your belief system and your intentions. Are you entering into this half-heartedly? Are you sure that you can lucid dream? Or do you entertain certain fears and doubts?

First, you must develop a positive mental attitude and really believe that you can lucid dream. Second, you must really have a burning desire to lucid dream because, if you enter into it half-heartedly, you will not be successful. To become successful with lucid dreaming, you must have a positive attitude and tons of enthusiasm about it.

2. Remember Your Dreams

Although dream recall is not a must for lucid dreaming, dream recall makes things much easier for beginners. If you are one of the most unfortunate ones among us, you may claim that you never dream. But everyone dreams! Some of us remember our dreams better than others do, some remember senseless fragments, and some hardly remember anything. So, first work on remembering your dreams better.

3. Maintain A Dream Journal

Keeping a dream journal helps achieve better dream recall. If you have been trying to lucid dream with little success, you will discover that keeping a dream journal will help you achieve success faster. Record your dreams in your journal, and soon you will start remembering them in better detail.

Some avid lucid dreamers recommend recording dreams on the left-side pages of the journal and real-life events on the right-side pages. After a few days of recording, you will be astounded with the similarities between the two.

Keeping a dream journal is a highly informative and educated activity. You will learn more about yourself and the working of your mind besides improving your dream recall.

Gradually, you will realize that your dreams are getting more and more lucid. Of course, there are many more tips to induc lucid dreaming; but beginners must first cross the above-mentioned stage before they can learn the advanced lucid dreaming tips.

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