Muscle Building For Beginners – How to Work Out Right!

You want to start bodybuilding. Maybe it's for a sport, maybe its for the opposite sex, maybe it's a self-improvement thing. You've got the diet and the lifestyle, the best supplements and the determination. Now you just need the correct exercises to stimulate massive muscle growth. In this article, I'm just going to cover the basics – 5 no-nonsense exercises, including the first "Big 3" powerlifting moves, that are guaranteed to bulk you up in combination with the aforementioned good diet. For instructions on how to perform a certain lift, simply search using the name.

Basic Mass-Building Exercise no.1: The Squat
The squat is the daddy of all bodybuilding exercises. It is a leg exercise, but in utilizing so many large muscles it stimulates the release of important hormones that can send your body into anabolic overdrive! "If you do not squat, you is not squat!" Primary muscles used are the quads, hams and glutes.

Basic Mass-Building Exercise no.2: The Deadlift
The deadlift is almost as important as the squat for building a strong bodybuilding base. Primarily a lower back exercise, it also works the quads, hams, glutes, traps and forearms. When done correctly, it is a safe way to build muscle around the spine and so prevent injuries such as slipped disks. The deadlift has a large amount of potential for hypertrophy because it allows you to lift a reliably large amount of weight.

Basic Mass-Building Exercise no.3: The Benchpress
A strength-based exercise for the chest, front deltoids and triceps, the benchpress completes the "Big 3" powerlifting exercises. This is the stereotype weightlifting exercise, and a potent mass builder for the chest and triceps. Can be done with either barbell or dumbells for safety and enhanced range of motion.

Basic Mass-Building Exercise no.4: The Military Press
The military press is a shoulder exercise, in which the lifter presses a weight overhead. Many beginners overlook the shoulders as a key part of the wide look, and a large set of delts appear very impressive in a t-shirt. In addition, the military press works the triceps.

Basic Mass-Building Exercise no.5: The Barbell Row
The row completes our set of 5 key exercises for muscle growth. It targets the upper back and biceps when done correctly, adding to the think, sense look. Many people forget that having a muscled back will enhance your chest measurement. Bear in mind that any back angle from 45 – 90 degrees is acceptable!

With these exercises and the right eating habits, you can develop a very impressive physique in just a few months, with changes noticeable in weeks. Good luck!

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