My Pillow Pets Nutty Elephant Review

You have to give credit to My Pillow Pets for coming up with some fantastic names, including the My Pillow Pets Nutty Elephant. This delightfully named stuffed animal is becoming very popular with children and parents alike because of the many great qualities it possesses. The basic starting point for describing this product would be the dual purposes it serves. For those who do not know, when a My Pillow Pet Elephant has the Velcro underneath it attached, it stands up on its four legs and is a perfect stuffed animal. When that same Velcro is undone, it immediately falls to the ground and becomes a super comfortable pillow. These dual purposes have made it one of the hottest toy items so far this year.

People might like the dual usages, but if the item does not look good, they are not going to purchase it. That is why the My Pillow Pets team made sure that this product looked great. This elephant has a great gray color to it and of course four legs and a cute little face. It does have a small trunk that comes out of the face, but it is not overly large by any means. It does have two large gray ears, and a smiley face that kids really enjoy. It looks like a very friendly stuffed animal.

For parents, you do not have to be concerned with the durability of this item, because they are very well made. And as an added bonus you also have the convenience of machine washing them on a gentle cycle, because we all know that kids are going to find a way to get their stuffed animals dirty. The only thing you really need to know is that the product is recommend for children ages three and up, and really is a great gift idea for both boys and girls.

These items have been shooting up the list of top toys on for a number of reasons; Many of those reasons are listed above. With that in mind, that is normally a great sign that these are well built toys that people are really enjoying, and that kids really enjoy receiving. So if you have a young child in your life, or know someone who would like a unique stuffed animal gift, deciding on a My Pillows Pet Elephant might be the perfect idea, and one that you are sure going to enjoy.

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