Palm Treo 700 Smartphones – What You Should Check Out

For people like me who are very 'non-tech-savvy', the word 'smartphone' means a very complex piece of machinery and a useless spending. However, this was before I owned a Palm Treo 700 smartphone. After purchasing the first 700 model, 700w, I became converting immediately and have also used the other two phones in the 700 range just to make sure that they are as good or better than the first one. The thing I loved about all Palm Treo 700 phones is the extreme user-friendship.

I have used a few mobile phones before which look sleek enough but clumsy that I am, it was very difficult to dial them. Palm Treo are usually known for their single-handed usability and it is not all missing from the phones in the 700 series. Let us now check each of the three Treo 700 phones separately.

Treo 700w is the first Treo phone to use Windows Mobile OS. After I used Palm OS in Treo 700p, I would not call it an improvement on the previous phones, but it definitely offers an option for users who are comfortable with Windows. In fact, Palm has not been able to resist the temptation to update the Windows screen a bit, which has added to the uniqueness of the phone.

The phone has an elegant look and feel with a silver-gray casing. It comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera with 2x zoom, TFT touch screen display, built-in Bluetooth compliance and lithium-ion battery.

Treo 700p has many features in common with 700w. However, it supports Palm OS instead of Windows and also has the highest screen resolution of all 700 phones. It has a built-in Bluetooth wireless like the previous model and it allows using the phone as a wireless modem. All Treo 700 phones support EV-DO high-speed wireless data. This is the first Palm OS phone to offer this feature.

The latest Treo 700 smartphone, Treo 700wx again supports Windows Mobile 5.0. Apart from the features it shares with 700w, 700wx along with 700p has been given a big boost in the memory department by doubling the memory capacity. Right now this phone is offered by Alltell, Sprint and Verizon unlike the other two which are offered only by Sprint and Verizon.

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