FINALLY!! After watching many YOUTUBE Videos on This Camera mount for $35.00, And This Camera mount for $85.00 with a 3 week wait time, My Beautiful Girlfriend Rebecca and I Put our heads together and came up with this Frugal GOPRO3 Hero Camera mount for the AR DRONE 1.0! Actually all you really need is a Small Durable Jewelery Box, Some Popsicle sticks for leg extenders, and some duct tape! (Actually zip ties may be better) Lol We positioned the GOPRO Inside the small black box so I could figure out where to cut the camera lens hole, then I cut the hole custom fitted it, and then I sharpened a long fillet knife and cut the jewelery box about 1/4 inch past the end of the Camera… I Then positioned it on the belly of the AR DRONE 1.0 Where the CG Would be bestand then I got to taping the sides of the Camera mounting box to the AR DRONE With Duct tape! Very lightweight, looks cool, and It flies Awesome!! Thank you my babygirl Rebecca for Helping me with designing this Camera mounting box! Only costs us $2.16 in supplies from Dollar store and an old Jewelery box!! Awesome! I love you like a fat kid loves cake!!


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