Rocket Piano – The Step by Step Instruction For Beginners

If you have just purchased the Rocket Piano course, I want to congratulate you to have found a truly effective course to base your piano education on. The next important step is to start taking action. By following the following step by step guide on how a complete beginner can reach proficiency, you are well on the way to become an impressive pianist with Rocket Piano.

1. Read and understand "The Beginner Book"

The first material you should get your hands on is the eBook titled "The Beginner Book". This book provides a low down on the history of piano, the key structure and the basic vocabulary you need to learn in music. You will also get a first taste on how to use your fingers to play scales and chords. The Beginner Book helps you familiarize with the piano quickly and furnishes you with the necessary basic knowledge to start off.

2. Study "The Intermediate Book"

After understanding the components of piano, which is your tool, you need to understand what makes music. The Intermediate Book first guides you through the three basic fundamentals of all music – melody, harmony and rhythm and then prepares you with other theory knowledge. You should have no problem reading most music sheets after reading The Intermediate Book as it also covers the recognition of key signatures and time signatures. For those who keen on jazz piano or the gospel style of playing, you will be introduced to some complex chords in this book as well.

3. Start Practicing

Pick up the exercise book and start practicing on easier ones. Diligently going through finger exercises will help to shape excellent finger techniques when you have to tackle the complex and fast songs. Also, you should be testing yourself with the ability to read and understand music sheets starting with the easier ones. If you realize you can read the music sheets without any major problem, you are ready to start actual practice on the piano; if you can not, revise The Intermediate Book until you are more comfortable.

4. Choose Your First Song

You can pick out the first song to start practicing on. Try to work with something simple and slower first and gradually move upward. One of the great features about Rocket Piano is that every song comes with an audio demonstration, so you actually have a reference to go to when you are faced with any difficulty.

5. Rinse and Repeat

As you become better with your first song, you can then start to work on others to repeat the learning process over and over. With constant practice, you will soon be a very proficient pianist while acquiring confidence along the way to all you to challenge the next levels.

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