Samos – Best Beaches (Top 6 beaches by drone camera)

Samos – Best Beaches (Top 6 beaches by drone camera | Samos drone).
Samos is a rather large Greek island located in the northeastern part of the Aegean sea. It’s a very lush, green and beautiful island full of gorgeous beaches. Although Samos has several fine archaeological sites such as the temple of Hera, the island is most famous for excellent beaches and abundant opportunities for walking, mountain biking and windsurfing.

1) Papa beach is situated a few hundred meters outside Ireon and is a wonderful and relaxed place. There is a tavern near the beach and you are able to drive almost all the way up to the beach. There are sunbeds and parasols available as well as showers and a small changing room. You will find a second beach to the left of the main beach, access to the sea is a bit more difficult at this beach.
2) The beach of Svala is a long pebbly beach. The sea is deep and very clean but the beach is totally unprotected from the northern winds. Accommodation facilities are available close to the beach but there is a food and beverage services.
The beach is sufficiently organized and offering facilities (umbrellas and sun beds). Access to the beach is easy by car or motorbikes.
3) Limnionas Beach is located west of Votsalakia at the base of mount Kerketes. The beach consists of pebbles and sand, sun beds and umbrellas are available for rent. There is a small tavern on the beach.
4) Potami is a long pebble beach with clean waters on Samos northeast coast. The beach is accessible by car or on foot from Karlovassi. The beach consists mainly of pebbles. Some nearby restaurants and a snack bar on the beach.
5) Votsalakia beach is a very large beach with pebbles and sand located on southern Samos. The beach consists of sand/pebbles. There are various locations where umbrellas and sunbeds are available along the beach and you will find plenty of taverns close
to the beach.
6) Agios Isidoros is a Settlement in Karlovassi in Samos in the North Aegean Region of Greece. Agios Isidoros is also a Beach and a Bay.

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