Steadidrone QU4D with DJI Naza and 2-Axis Gopro Brushless Gimbal – Flight footage

Custom built Steadidrone QU4D, Specification:-

Steadidrone QU4D frame
DJI Naza (V1) Flight Control with GPS running DJI Naza-M Firmware 3.12
4x Torxpower 2216 Pro Short Shaft Brushless Motor 800KV
4x iPeak 30A MultiRotor ESC with 2A BEC – Simon K
4x Gemfan 11 x 4.7 Carbon Reinforced Propellers
Overlander 4S Lipo, 6100mah giving 16 minutes flight time
Futaba 8J Transmitter & R2008SB Receiver (using SBUS)
Fatshark Predator V2 with 600mW, 7ch 5G8 Transmitter
Firebug24k FBOSD Ghost
2-Axis Gopro Brushless Gimbal for Quadcopter

No post processing performed, actual footage from two GoPro HD3 Black Cameras

Link to Gimbal installation guide –

Wiring Guide –

Martinez controller board flashed with latest version – Beta Version 049B r161 incl. GUI


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