T-Rex Drone Face Off with Park Ranger Aaron, Life Size Dinosaurs & Surprise Toys, Fun Kids Video

This fun dinosaur adventure video for kids features Park Ranger LB flying a toy drone that follows dinosaurs. But along comes a T-Rex dino drone that isn’t working on auto pilot, and it thinks the park rangers are dinosaurs. The drone chases LB and then chases Park Ranger Aaron as he runs to the playground at the park. Aaron searches his backpack for surprise toys that can distract the drone, so he can make his escape. He unboxes the Jurassic World toy Hybrid FX Tyrannosaurus Rex and attaches it to a Remote Controlled Jeep. He also uses a Nerf Blaster. In today’s kids video the park rangers see a T-Rex, a Triceratops and an Apatosaurus. Can you spot them all?

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