Astral Projection – Aside From Inherent Danger, Astral Sex is Safe For Beginners

Astral Projection is healthy. Astral sex during astral projection is not only healthy and safe; astral sex is out-of-this-world! An astral projection presents no danger, although many beginning to meditation have become fearful due to feelings stemming from visualizations that are large misunderstood, astral sex is a normal occurrence on an astral plane. Unfortunately, because […]

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Astral Projection Training – How to Learn Out of Body Experiences

If you are interested and curious about the sixth sense or developing your third eye, you may also be interested in out of body experiences which is said to be separating yourself from your physical body and traveling to the astral world. Indeed, extraordinary things like these always pique a lot of people's interest and […]

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Successful Astral Travel – A Checklist For Beginners

Are you wondering why you have not yet succeeded in having an astral travel experience? Since everybody, including you, has the power to astral travel, something must have gone wrong somewhere. Are you practicing regularly? If you are, then the problem might lie in faulty thought patterns, wrong eating habits, and other such factors. Here […]

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