Hiking Israel: Preparation and Rules for a Safe and Fun Hike of the Israel National Trail

The right time for hiking the Israel National Trail is from September to May. Summer is too hot and you should try and avoid it. In fall time all hikers will walk from north to south, taking the weather into consideration. In springtime, for similar reasons, most hikers will start in the south, walking north. […]

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Simple Origami – 8 Fun Facts About Paper Folding

Simple origami is ideal for all ages. While many may think it’s just for kids, it’s not! Here are eight fun facts about paper folding that you may not know… yet! There are dozens of entries for origami in the Guinness Book of World Records including most folds, smallest, biggest, fastest time for folding 100 […]

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Guitar Lessons for Kids – What Kids Need To Learn in The Beginning and Tips to Help Make It Fun

Everybody learns differently but you got to make the lessons fun when you're dealing with kids. Most parents are interested in beginner guitar lessons for kids because they are getting them started with music an early age can help build some self discipline and diligence in them. It has even been proved in a number […]

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