Simple Origami – 8 Fun Facts About Paper Folding

Simple origami is ideal for all ages. While many may think it’s just for kids, it’s not! Here are eight fun facts about paper folding that you may not know… yet! There are dozens of entries for origami in the Guinness Book of World Records including most folds, smallest, biggest, fastest time for folding 100 […]

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Pigeon Nest Boxes – Simple Tips To Give Your Birds A Box They Will Love

Pigeon nest boxes have come about as a replica of how our pigeons would live in the wild. Domestic pigeons are descendants of the Blue Rock Pigeon; these pigeons normally lived in flocks and nested together in caves and holes in cliff faces. Our modern day pigeons still retain that cave instinct and so we […]

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Article Marketing – 4 Simple Steps to Generating Articles For Beginners

When it comes to writing articles, it can be a daunting prospect for the beginner because you need to be able to create an interesting and informative product that someone will enjoy reading. So here are some simple ideas you can use to create your first set of articles online. The best way to move […]

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