The 4 Different Types of Connectives Used in Good Public Speaking

Good public speaking skills involve more than presenting informative or persuasive material to an audience in an engaging, uplifting manner. It requires the use of connectors to keep your presentation or speech organized as well as unified. Better than a verbal tic, such as 'um' or 'ah,' by employing good connectors in your speech, you […]

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Public Speaking Ideas – Self-Help Strategies For Speaking In Public

Public speaking is said to be the number one fear among most people. However there are public speaking ideas you can use to help you to overcome those blockages you experience whenever you're in a public speaking scenario. It should be recognized that public speaking can take many forms: you may find yourself in front […]

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Speaking for Motivation: Top Traits of Successful Motivational Speakers

This article will do 2 things for you: 1. Briefly talk about some common (but pretty funny) stereotypes of motivational speakers. We'll take a look at a few real-life examples from the huge variety of motivational speakers on the circuit today. 2. Give some great tips on how to give your own motivational speakers by […]

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